New packaging formats for wine are needed to broaden wine's appeal if the category is to grow further, according to research by wine importer Ehrmanns Wine.

Research suggested that by 2015 more than 75% of wine would be drunk by people over the age of 45. Producers would therefore need to recruit younger drinkers, warned Ehrmanns' marketing director, Keith Lay.

"The wine business can be quite insular compared with other industries and slow to take wider trends into account," said Lay.

"There are no new countries coming on stream, so there's less new discoveries for consumers. We need to do something to get - and keep - people interested."

Research indicated that younger drinkers were concerned with convenience formats that suited their lifestyles and the environmental impact of wine.

"We don't make it easy for consumers sometimes, only offering glass bottles or bag-in-box," said Lay. "Other categories offer several formats. Look at something such as cola, that's how mature categories can continue to grow."

There has been innovation recently in wine packaging. Ehrmann's launched an E-Pak resealable pouch format for its South African Arniston Bay brand in May and several wines have been launched in Tetra Pak.

A pre-filled plastic wine glass called Tulip was also developed by Al-Fresco this year and has been launched in a two-pack for the convenience sector this week.