Philip Morris is launching a global campaign to highlight the risks of smoking.

From next week, some variants of its Marlboro brand will have folded information leaflets glued to the back of packs to “remind smokers that smoking is dangerous and addictive”.

The leaflets, which will appear on packs of Marlboro Red, Gold and Kingsize cigarettes, will spearhead a campaign that will also see press ads along the same theme in consumer titles.

The tobacco manufacturer said it was introducing the initiative voluntarily to supplement existing legislation that requires packs to carry health warnings.

Philip Morris’ corporate affairs manager Chris Mohrmann said: “The campaign will continue the messages we have been communicating to consumers for the past few years. What is new is the vehicle we are using, with packs having information leaflets on the back.

“It is not a PR campaign. We are giving adult smokers information so they can make an informed choice about whether they smoke.”