John West is extending its range of canned fish products with three new sardine and mackerel products this autumn.

Steam Cooked Mackerel Fillets (rsp: £1.49/110g), Grilled Sardines (rsp: 99p/100g) and Peri Peri Sardines (rsp: 90p/120g) will be rolled out across the major multiples in early September. The products contain either no or very little brine or oil which the company hopes will encourage young and 'lapsed' shoppers to reappraise canned mackerel and sardines.

The steamed mackerel in particular would provide a "credible alternative" to mackerel fillets in chillers", the company said, while the peri peri variant was designed to tap into the trend for spicier sauces popular with younger shoppers.

"We are constantly looking at ways in which we can improve existing ranges and develop new products," said John West product manager Katarina Aikio.