A variety of pear said to have an exceptionally sweet taste has been developed.

The Sweet Sensation, created by Dutch produce companies The Greenery and New Sensations, is bred from the Doyenné du Comice pear variety but has a much sweeter taste. It will be planted in commercial volumes in the Netherlands this year and will be available to supermarkets in the UK in 2010.

The variety would extend the current pear range rather than steal market share from existing varieties, the company said.

"The product was presented to growers and retailers at The Greenery's national accessory fruit meeting and the enthusiasm of growers and retailers alike confirms our trust in the potential of this new product," said The Greenery's product manager Bert Wilschut.

During this planting season 160,000 Sweet Sensation trees are being planted and by 2012 The Greenery plans to have 420 hectares under cultivation.