The Jersey new potato crop has been estimated to be 14% below the original estimate and nearer to 30,000 tonnes, according to the British Potato Council. While supplies are expected to maintain their levels of around 700-800 tonnes per day until the end of the month, dry weather has reduced yields on some farms. Current ware wholesale market prices are in the region of £11-£12/25kg. There has been a slow uptake from multiple buyers throughout May. Meanwhile the Cyprus crop is only expected to reach 20,000 tonnes, well below the original forecast of 35,000-40,000 tonnes. Demand is steady for Cara bakers at £14/25kg. Brittany lifting has also been lighter with a total of 15,000 tonnes expected, with market levels at £9.50 for Ostera packed in 12.5kg boxes. {{M/E FRESH PRODUCE }}