Cypriot imports set to soar Imports of Cyprus new spring crop have been forecast by the British Potato Consortium to increase rapidly from mid May because of better conditions. After a late start, some 2,000 tonnes of the spring crop has been shipped out of an expected total of 35,000-40,000 tonnes. However, the final figure is expected to be less than the 44,000 tonnes shipped in 1999. Lifting in Majorca has virtually finished with the export total of 18,000 tonnes some 2,000 tonnes more than last season. Harvesting is increasing on the Spanish mainland where some 55% of the crop has been cleared. Jersey movement is increasing to around 700 tonnes a day with exports marginally ahead compared with 12 months earlier. In the UK, as was predicted, crops have responded well to the warmer weather and there have been token liftings across most of the country. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}