A new premium apple, described a having a classic tang with a hint of melon, is set to be launched into the UK for the first time this month. Rubens has a medium-sweet taste and crunchy texture that causes the flesh to ‘fracture’ so chunks come away more easily when bitten, according to supplier Norman Collett.

The new variety, produced exclusively under licence in the UK by Colletts growers in Kent, will be available in Tesco, Somerfield, Co-op and Booths from late October. So far 100,000 Rubens trees have been planted, with a further 40,000 expected during the season. Some 80,000 apples will be produced this year.

Rubens has the potential to become a market-leading apple, according to Collett’s MD Andy Sadler. “We believe the British consumer is ready for a new premium apple that can be relied upon to be consistently delicious,” he added.