Alcohol brands have been urged to innovate after research revealed that more than three quarters of those who drink out-of-home are unwilling to experiment with new tipples.

A survey of 2000 UK consumers by FMCG researcher Canadean found that 77% of those who drank in pubs, bars and clubs preferred to stick to ‘tried-and-tested favourites’. Almost a quarter (21%) said there were no new drinks they liked, while 14% were unaware of the latest creations on the market

The report described the findings as “concerning” given the “substantial investment” poured into developing and marketing new products, but added exciting flavours and seasonal offerings could prevent the market stagnating.

Of those who regularly tried new beverages, more than half (56%) dabbled with new flavours, one third enjoyed sampling locally-made brews and a quarter opted for seasonal offerings.

“Many consumers are becoming bored with traditional flavours, particularly in beer, which has resulted in the rapid growth of smaller scale brewing and craft production,” Sam Allen, analyst at Canadean said.

“Limited edition and seasonal options that offer fresh and exciting tastes will encourage more consumers to try products while they have the chance.”