hippeas chickpea puffs

Green Park Brands is set to roll out Hippeas, a range of organic chickpea puffs, as it aims to “revive” bagged snacks with a healthy offering.

Available from 13 June in 22g (rsp: 99p) and 110g (rsp: £1.99) bags, the gluten-free snack - with “no more than” 91 calories per small pack and 455 per large - is aimed at the “increasingly health and socially conscious millennial”.

The new range comes in Pepper Power (pepper and sea salt), In Herbs We Trust (rosemary, oregano & thyme), Far Out Fajita (chilli, paprika & cumin), and Sweet & Smokin (paprika spice, smoked sea salt & onion) - and will be in Boots, As Nature Intended, Planet Organic, Holland & Barrett and WH Smith.

“Hippeas has everything it takes to become the next globally loved snack brand,” claimed Green Park Brands CEO Livio Bisterzo. “We truly believe that there is a great opportunity to revive this food category by creating a premium, affordable, better-for-you proposition.”