Joybol will land on c-store shelves this month, with rollout to the mults later in the year

Kellogg’s has unveiled its Joyböl range smoothie bowls – five months after The Grocer revealed plans for the launch.

The just-add-water pots will land on shelf this month in c-stores, with rollout to the mults later in the year.

Containing a mix of grains, nuts, seeds and fruit, Joyböl was “the world’s first packaged smoothie bowl, with no need for refrigeration” claimed Kellogg’s.

The brand’s three variants – Strawberry Almond Quinoa Crunch with Granola Clusters, Mango Coconut Chia with Black Rice & Pecans, and Superberries with Açaí & Granola Clusters (rsp: £2.49/60g) – took 18 months to develop.

Their launch will tap the trend for handmade breakfast smoothie bowls, which typically comprise frozen fruit and yoghurt or coconut milk, ‘customised’ with fresh fruit, nuts, seeds and/or cereal.

They have proved extremely popular with foodie users of social media platforms such as Instagram, where almost 1.7 million #smoothiebowl images can be found.

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