Kiddylicious chocolate splashed rice cakes

Kiddylicious is set to roll out a line of wholegrain rice cakes topped with chocolate and yoghurt - in what the infant snack brand claims is a market first.

Aimed at ‘shaking up the bland first rice cakes category’ by being ‘healthier than a chocolate biscuit but just as delicious’, the NPD has two variants: Chocolate Splashed and Yoghurt Splashed (rsp: 70p/12g).

The gluten-free range for toddlers contains around 56 calories per ‘portion control’ bag (467 per 100g), with 3g of sugar in the yoghurt variant (25.1g per 100g) and 2.7g (22.2g) in packs of the chocolate flavour.

The role of infant snacks needed greater understanding, said Kiddylicious MD Sally Preston. “They are a ‘power booster’ to get young children to the next meal. They should fill little tummies but not so much little ones won’t eat their next meal. Our new innovative rice cakes are delicious and nutritious.”