Incap drinks infusion

Design company Incap Ltd. has created a new cap for drinks that allows a lid chamber to release mixers or supplements for bottled drinks.

The lid, which has to be pulled up and twisted to allow the release of the supplement, means that consumers can mix their own drinks and potentially mix and match flavours and additives on the go, without having to resort to a separate bottle.

“A beverage is so much more interesting if consumers can prepare their very own special drink. Consumers using our product feel that they are contributing to their health and wellbeing,” says Axel Hauck, co-owner and European director of Incap. ”They also regard this cap as a fun novelty item, as these caps allow them to add the ingredients themselves and watch them dissolve in their beverage.”

As the caps come sealed, the company hopes that manufacturers will take this chance to create “refill” supplements offering the chance for the consumer to mix and match, and that the product will complement the emerging trend for enriched drinks.