The wine world is poised for the launch of two generic campaigns promoting France's Alsace region and South Africa. Both initiatives are backed by the countries' marketing organisations based in the UK, and promise new approaches for the regions.
This month will see the first consumer campaign for Alsace, which will build on the wines' affinity with ethnic food.
Three executions of the campaign's message Eat and Drink' featuring Thai, Chinese and Indian food will appear in the national press throughout the summer. Retailers are the target of a £1m spend behind South African Wines, which will see 14 of the multiple grocers and specialist chains promoting the wines with instore tastings, PoS and increased shelf space this autumn.
The drive will also be enhanced by a media campaign running in September and October using the tagline Explore a different world'.
The advertisements will focus on the scenery of the Cape region and the diversity of wine styles that are produced in the country.