Cadbury Trebor Bassett is to encourage consumers to let themselves go with a £3m repositioning of Creme Egg.

The confectionery giant is ditching its longstanding ‘How do you eat yours’ campaign as it seeks to move away from a product-only message. A new campaign from Publicis aims to create a more emotional connection, with the theme of ‘Let yourself go…unleash your naughty, playful side’.

“Last year there were signs of wear-out for the Creme Egg advertising. We want to focus on the fact you feel like a child when you eat it,” said CTB customer relations director Chris Morgan.

Television ads break in the new year. Creme Egg will feature on Coronation Street credits as well as in 48-sheet outdoor ads, direct mail and a roadshow.

CTB has also launched two new mini formats: a 50p, 60g bag aimed at on-the-go snacking and a £2.99, and a 300g resealable box to cash in on Easter sharing.

This week CTB unveiled its Easter range. An exclusive £3.99 Dairy Milk range has been developed for independents with a £4.99 range for multiples.

Whole Nut will make its debut as an Easter line while the licensing agreement with Lord of the Rings will see the launch of Return of the King shell eggs.
Siân Harrington