Sir; Your cartoon in The Grocer last week depicting guests fleeing from the FFB Foodie Awards in New York was quite pertinent. We tried our very best to find jellied eels and mushy peas for our guests but none, curiously, were to be found in Manhattan. Instead, they had to suffer the canapés listed below: - Welsh rarebit bread boxes with Boddingtons Pub Ale and Double Gloucester cheese - Brie cheese with chutney marinated in Twinings Lady Grey tea and topped with a pecan, in a filo cup - Marinated roast lamb on tiny rosemary shortbread with mint cream sauce - Asian curried chicken with cilantro peanut pesto in star shaped sesame seed tartlet - Pear slice topped with Stilton Cheese in a filo cup - Smoked salmon rosettes on Devonshire Clotted Cream served in a small new potato and topped with caviar - Shrimp au gratin with wild mushroom and scallions in a small tartlet shell We will try to do better next year! Steve Dawson President FFB North America {{LETTERS }}