New Five a Day logo being created by DoH A new Five a Day logo will make its appearance on fruit and vegetables by the end of the year. Imogen Sharp from the Department of Health confirmed the government was planning to spend £52m over the next two years on a range of projects now expanding across the country. The concept could eventually go national, she added. Stressing the need for a cohesive approach by the whole industry, she added that fresh and frozen produce would be the first to be labelled with the new logo. Canned, dried and even convenience meals could receive the same treatment later. Consideration is also being given to licensing arrangements for the logo, a path which had been followed in the United States. Designs for the new brand are still on the drawing board, but the Fresh Produce Consortium has come up with its own logo and cartoon character (pictured above) designed to help members promote the concept. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}