Northern Irish beef producers are funding more advertising activity this month after a poll showed a better than expected response to an earlier campaign.

More than nine out of 10 people who had seen the Livestock and Meat Commission's winter TV ad said they thought it was important to buy Northern Irish beef, while 85% recognised the logo on packs. The commercial urged consumers to 'look for the logo'.

"The results demonstrate that it is possible to create a memorable and engaging advertisement with simple straightforward messages," said Naomi Waite, head of LMC marketing.

The new campaign will see an insert titled 'the truth about beef' going into newspapers and appearing in doctors' surgeries in the province. It will outline the health benefits of eating farm-assured Northern Irish beef, which include its high nutrient content.

The LMC is planning to continue in-store tastings, and is still running a poster campaign in the province.