Diageo is hoping to entice younger drinkers to its Guinness brand with a new black, carbonated lager.

Guinness Black Lager, which is being trialled now in Northern Ireland as a test market for Europe and mainland Britain, is positioned as a "refreshing brew with a unique taste".

The 4.5% abv product is brewed with malted barley and fermented using Guinness lager yeast for a new taste profile that would "take lager enjoyment to a new level", according to Diageo Northern Ireland head Michael McCann. "Guinness expertise, roasted barley and a late hopping impart a taste that is unique among lagers."

Diageo said it would back the launch of the new brew, which comes in 330ml bottles, with an advertising campaign should it have a wider roll-out.

Guinness launched Enigma lager in 1995 but axed it in 2002 following poor sales.