Nisa is to launch its second national TV campaign on Boxing Day in an attempt to position its retailers as destination shops for the full suite of scratch cooking ingredients.

The Big Night In will aim to tell customers that their local Nisa store is not only great for convenience and top-up shopping, but also for meals for tonight, a spokeswoman said.

The ad, filmed at a new Nisa Local in Washington, Tyne & Wear, will run until 22 January in 30 and 10-second clips. It will feature the same actress who played the mum in the first ad, but this time she will be with her on-screen husband who picks up ingredients for spaghetti bolognese.

“We are really pleased with the look of the ad and are confident it will help to drive more members to Nisa stores,” said John Sharpe, MD of central distribution, trading and logistics.

Nisa’s first TV ads broke last January after retailers said they were put off joining the symbol group because it did not run any national TV ads. Nisa plans to spend a further £2m on advertising in 2012.

Retail development director Raj Krishan said Nisa’s first ad campaign led to a 300% sales spike in peppers and pineapples, two of the products featured in the commercial. It also attracted new members from rival symbol groups and unaffiliated independents, he claimed.