Nisa has reported 17% growth in its fruit and veg sales since the relaunch of its own-label Heritage range this summer.

Rolled out in June as part of a plan to more than double the brand’s value to £500m, the overhaul was heavily influenced by consumer research, which revealed consumers were increasingly time poor, and tended to eat more at home.

Nisa marketing director Ian Bishop said the revamp had been a big success with Nisa members and customers, with sales booming “due to improving the quality of produce.”

The fruit category had performed particularly well, with Heritage bananas, Heritage Royal Gala apples and Heritage white grapes among the top sellers, he added. In the past week, Gala apple sales were up 194% on the previous three weeks.

Rebranded vegetables had also sold well, with Heritage Closed Cup mushrooms, Heritage Maris Piper Potatoes and Heritage Salad Tomatoes the best-selling SKUs in the category.

The symbol group now offered just under 180 fruit and veg items to cater for Nisa’s “wide array of members, from superstores to small ­convenience stores,” added Bishop.

The entire redesigned range of 1,300 products is expected to be available by next September, while the rollout of the 500-strong Heritage chilled range is due to be completed by the end of this month.

Nisa announced last month that total sales across the entire Heritage range had soared 53% since the relaunch.