Beiersdorf is offering women a chance to banish dimply thighs with a new body cleansing cream under its Nivea brand.
Rolling out now across all the brand’s major grocery accounts, Bath Care Stimulating Massage Shower cream comes in a bottle with a rounded massage head.
The bottle is squeezed to release the cleansing formulation onto the skin and then the head is moved in circular movements for a massage that gets the blood circulating more effectively. The head also has adjustable nodules that can vary the massage pressure.
Containing gingko extracts, said to have skin firming properties, the newcomer has a citrus-based fragrance featuring grapefruit and mandarin. The massage head pack retails at £5.49 and, according to the company, consumers would need to buy it only once. After that, they only need cleanser refills priced at £2.49 each.
The company said that regular daily use could help to stimulate circulation and break down the toxins that are said to be the cause of cellulite.