General marketing manager Robert Van-Leeuwen says: "The challenge of producing, supplying and marketing seven new Magnum flavours was a logistical feat. The campaign consisted of a series of limited editions, rolling in and out of stores in quick succession.
"We challenged the rules of the ice cream category by creating four launch phases throughout the year.
"This placed many strains on the supply chain. With the product hitting grocery and impulse categories, forecasters had to ensure each variant was in full distribution as adverts and instore marketing broke."
The campaign required a cross-functional approach in co-operation with other departments.
However, Van-Leeuwen says that the hard work has paid off. "The launch in February of Lust and Sloth has produced groundbreaking results, with retailers selling more than 1.5 million Magnums during the first four weeks."
Gluttony and Greed are on the market. The final products will hit freezers in September.