Asda may roll out dedicated in-store bays for further video game properties, following the success of the strategy for Skylanders in early May.

Asda devoted areas of its stores to the video game and created a Skylanders area on the Asda Direct website.

Craig Thirkell, who has just been appointed the retailer’s new games buying manager, said other games could merit a similar approach.

“I am sure there will be other games properties that will deserve the same merchandising approach,” Thirkell told The Grocer. “Xbox Live and gaming points spring to mind as an area that can develop over the coming months.”

Thirkell said there were likely to be similarities between his new role and his previous position as Asda’s head of vision and audio.

“There will be a lot of new challenges - such as the constant excitement of new releases and charts - but hardware innovation will be like AV. It’s the lifeblood for driving new opportunities for the customers,” he said.

Thirkell, who has been with Asda for 17 years, bought his first console - a PlayStation - in 1995 with money from his first Asda paycheque.