The Master Chief is back in business with the rollout of video game Halo 4 today.

The Xbox-exclusive game went on sale at midnight for fans willing to brave the cold to get their hands on the latest title in the blockbuster first-person shooter series.

Tesco and Amazon are currently offering the lowest ticket price on the game - at £35 - but shoppers can pick it up for £32.99 at Sainsbury’s if they buy 2,100 Microsoft Points at the same time for £17.99. Asda is selling the title for £39.97, while HMV has it priced at £37.99.

Special-edition accessories, including a Halo 4 branded Xbox 360 console, controllers and headsets have also gone on sale. And licensees have got in on the action, with toy lines, books and an on-pack promo on PepsiCo soft drink Mountain Dew.

Supermarkets will be hoping Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - released in a week’s time - will help to turn around a 25% year-on-year decline in video game sales [ERA figures].