Hardcore gamers aren’t known for their personal hygiene - but deodorant cans that transform into video game controllers might have them changing their ways.

Online game Beat The Elements, created to promote new SureMen variant Adventure, uses a player’s webcam and image recognition technology to let them race against earth, wind, water and fire using special cans of the deodorant as a controller.

More than 140 cash prizes will be up for grabs every day - £10 every five minutes.

The game launches next week, and from 4 April brand owner Unilever will be screening a TV ad that shows a man cycling through the forest before zooming out to reveal he is actually playing the game online with the SureMen can.

“This is tapping into a key passion point for our male target audience,” said SureMen brand manager Christine Winton. “The use of innovative technology challenges men to interact with their deodorant in a unique way.”

The game was developed by agency Iris, creator of the You LOL You Lose push for Frijj, which featured a facial recognition game that could tell when players laughed, and the launch of a new Cillit Bang product that was promoted and sold exclusively through Facebook.

SureMen Adventures, which rolled out to retailers earlier this month is available in 150ml and 250ml aerosols (rsp: £2.19 and £2.99) and a 50ml roll-on £1.70. Sales of the SureMen brand have risen 6.1% by value year-on-year [Service Innovation Group 52w/e 18 February 2012].