Norweign farmed cod producers are claiming that better availability will increase its consumption in Europe. The Norwegian Fresh Cod brand includes farmed, sea-ranched and wild fish.
The Norwegian Seafood Export Council will push a ‘fresh’ message at the upcoming European Seafood Exposition in Brussels.
Norway has steadily increased its investment in cod farming in the past five years and the anticipated volume for this year is 4,000 to 5,000 tonnes.
The council’s marketing manager for new species, Bjørn-Erik Stabell, said the industry had the capacity to meet growth in consumption all year round. “The progress Norway is making on farming species will enable supermarkets and other channels to get more of the high-quality fresh fish they need from Norway,” he said.
“Consistently high quality, absolute freshness and a constant year-round supply are crucial success factors. And there has to be confidence in origin. Farmed cod is now in great demand. Restaurants, supermarkets, research institutes, the fisheries, aquaculture industries and non-governmental organisations are all talking about it.”