The Grocer 33 shopping basket has failed to yield a full basket for the second time this year and only the third time in the five-year history of our weekly survey.

Our mystery shoppers were unable to buy items including Penguin biscuits, McVitie’s Chocolate Homewheat biscuits, Walkers crisps, Dolmio Original pasta sauce, Anchor Spreadable butter, pork sausages, Kleenex for Men tissues and 4-packs of Stella Artois.

The only good news this week was that in most cases, the stores we visited only had one missing item. However, Sainsbury in Stirling and Morrisons in Coalville both had two missing items. In the case of Sainsbury it was sausages and Stella, and at Morrisons it was Walkers and Kleenex.

But the stores fared a little better with our Spotlight purchases, which this week were meat, fish and poultry products. There were three full baskets - at Tesco, Safeway and Sainsbury in Cardiff.

For mor information see the Insight section of this week’s issue of The Grocer magazine.