Sir; Many of your customers are trying their best to support our farmers by buying British produce. But how can they be sure that the labelling is "factual"? Chickens that have travelled from outside the EU and have been re-packed in Britain, are sold as British. How can consumers be sure that "Golden Delicious" apples are not French, re-packed in Belgium and sold to them as from Belgiques? How do the French know that they have not been eating British beef since the export ban was removed, if the meat had been cut up, packed and sent to Belgium where it was re-packed and sold on? May I suggest a factual label with hefty fines for any attempts to mislead. I suggest "Born, bred and packaged in England", "Grown and packed in Wales", and even "chickens from Thailand, packed in England". Then we'd all know exactly where these goods come from. Anne Palmer Wolverhampton {{LETTERS }}