Highgrove Foods is going retro by resurrecting that old household favourite, Gold Top milk. The product is still the same, with its top of the milk and cream line. But its look has been updated for the 21st century. It is returning in a PET one litre bottle that is shaped like the old glass pinta, and it is clear to show off the cream line inside. This is basically an extension of Highgrove's range of Channel Island milk, and Gold Top is made with unhomogenised Jersey & Guernsey milk. Sales and marketing director John Goodwin said: "We felt the next major opportunity for traditional Channel Island milk was via old product development. That is to reawaken and exploit consumer's latent memory of the unhomogenised Gold Top milk they used to have delivered to their doorstep. As milk customers moved from the doorstep to retail purchased product in the 1990s, no milk processors picked up the CI opportunity and so a sizeable part of this added value sector was lost for Jersey & Guernsey farmers." Distribution of Gold Top (rsp: 91p) is rolling out to major retailers. Highgrove said that it would not cannibalise sales of Breakfast Milk but would "create extra volume and add value to the category". Highgrove Foods packs Gold Top and Breakfast Milk under licence from Quality Milk Producers, the Jersey & Guernsey farmers' cooperative. {{MARKETING - P&P }}