Nutricia claims it is plugging a gap in the market with the launch of a branded milk aimed at toddlers.
Growing Up Milk is a fortified, long-life milk that is going on shelf at most major multiples under the Cow & Gate and Milupa Aptamil labels.
Containing added vitamins and iron, it is going head-to-head with Hipp Organic’s vanilla-flavoured Growing Up Milk and is Nutricia’s first move into post-infant milk.
Growing Up Milk will be supported by a £4m launch, including a £1m nationwide television campaign starting in October, as well as radio, press and outdoor advertising and in-store activity.
Gill Roy, senior brand manager for Cow & Gate toddler milk, said: “We are trying to extend the category to beyond 12 months.
“It’s an obvious opportunity because mums tell us they are looking for easy ways to remedy deficiencies in their toddlers’ diets, and we have found that iron is something that is often lacking.
“There is a general trend of adding nutritional value in food at the moment.”
Nutricia has been developed by nutritionists and complements the toddler diet by providing extra vitamins and minerals.
It comes in easy-grip bottles and is available in 200ml and 500ml plastic resealable containers, and also in packs of four in the 500ml format.
Rsps are 45p for 200mls to £3.99 for a four-pack.
Claire Hu