Nut industry estimates for hazelnut production this year points to a heavily supplied market, with the bulk of stock in Turkey, as ever. Turkish carry-in stocks are still estimated at 125,000 tonnes, having shed at least the same amount from previous heavy intervention buying over several seasons. Faced with the prospect of a 535,000t crop, the intervention board, Fiskobirlik, may send the whole 125,000t reserve stocks for crushing. At a conservative estimate, that would put about 40,000t of raw hazelnut oil into the market which will automatically soften with the arrival of such a large volume. Turkey is the world's largest hazelnut producer, followed by the US, Spain and Italy predicting 18,000t, 16,500t and 11,000t respectively. Hazelnut oil is one ingredient in the standard cooking blends sold for domestic consumption in Turkey and the Balkans. {{PROVISIONS }}