A group of New Zealand winemakers has taken the radical step of putting premium wines in bottles with screwcaps. Some will soon be on sale in the UK. The wine industry has traditionally avoided the tops because of their downmarket image and resistance by consumers, most of whom still believe a good wine can only come from a bottle with a cork in it. But the industry has been faced with the growing problem of wine tainted by cork and a number of investigations are underway. The New Zealand Screwcap Wine Seal Initiative has attracted top producers from all its wine regions who have agreed to use the closure for this year's vintage. A spokesman for the Initiative said: "Screwcap wine seals do not introduce the risk of extraneous taint and they allow the wine to mature and develop without outside help. "They have been protecting food and beverages for 30 years, but the anxiety about marketing issues has led to the restricted supply of premium quality wines under screwcap." Wines coming to the UK under the initiative include ranges from Lawson's Dry Hills, Forrest Estate and Jackson Estate. {{DRINKS }}