The possibility of a late-season surge of supply from New Zealand lamb is already causing concern among home producers, though overall supply looks likely to remain fairly tight well into next year.
New Zealand abattoirs are believed to have shown a small year-on-year increase in kill tallies after a very slow start to the slaughtering season due to bad weather.
“Nevertheless, I can see the market here remaining as firm as it is,” said Meat New Zealand's UK manager John Mabb.
Mabb reported hearing some farmers still complaining of less than optimal finishing conditions for lambs during his visit to New Zealand last month.
However, slaughterhouse operators are talking of better grass growth encouraging producers to hold back lambs.
They say that low throughputs could be followed by sudden bottlenecks due to kill capacity restraints.
Overall demand for sheepmeat in the UK appears to be buoyant, according to TNS.