Distributor Drinks Express is bringing a range of fruit smoothies from New Zealand to the UK under the brand name Re:Juice. Already filtering into the health food trade, the drinks are made from 100% pure fruit with no added sugar or water. The UK pioneers are Berry and Banana flavour which contains echinacea ­ said to boost immunity ­ and bee pollen with digestive enzymes, and Apricot and Banana which has spirulina freshwater algae ­ a source of antioxidants. Other exotic combinations will follow later in the year. The bottles have heat compensation panels which means the products do not have to be cooled before bottling and gives them a shelf life of up to 90 days without refrigeration. Supplied by juice Express New Zealand, the range has performed strongly in New Zealand for the last six years under the Viva brand. Drinks Express founder David Nelson said his company was not afraid to take on the big boys in the smoothie market and was planning marketing activity to support the launch. "New Zealand is home to lots of great products but producers can't afford to break into the UK market. We want to help products that we believe passionately will succeed when introduced to a wider market," he said. {{P&P }}