Consumers will have an even greater choice of yoghurt health drinks as an organic version made of oatmilk hits the market.
Simply Organic’s Fruitality is the latest line to enter a highly competitive market that is dominated by Danone’s Actimel and Yakult. The single-shot 100g product contains raspberries, cranberries, strawberries, fruit juices, oatmilk, antioxidants and flaxseeds, which are a natural source of Omega-3.
Despite being up against big players spending millions backing brands such as Flora Pro-activ, the company reckons being the first non-dairy, organic version with no added sugar or sweeteners gives Fruitality a unique positioning.
Also, unlike other brands, it is prebiotic rather than probiotic, in that it feeds existing friendly bacteria rather than containing them within the product.
Tesco is the first multiple to stock Fruitality, (rsp: £2.69 for 4x100g bottles) with a launch in Waitrose next month. The company is in talks with other major multiples about putting the product on shelf.
It is Simply Organic’s first move into drinks. Belinda Mitchell and Christine Manson, co-founders of the Edinburgh-based company that also makes organic soups, sauces and ready meals, said: “Fruitality tastes great and every ingredient in it is naturally good for you - when life is hectic, it’s good to know you can have a little daily shot of health.”
They believe that Fruitality can reach a turnover of £5m in the next three years.
Claire Hu