Ocean Spray is revamping its chilled offer to include 'superfruits' pomegranate and blueberry, as well as introducing new packaging to provide better information on how the drinks can aid consumer health.

Its new Grower's Select range will be available in five variants - cranberry and cranberry light, as well as cranberries blended with either orange, pomegranate or blueberry - to capitalise on the rich antioxidant properties of the base fruit. It will retail at £1.75 for a one-litre carton.

On-pack information will also attempt to educate consumers about the benefits of lesser known proantho­cyanidins (PACs), natural agents that act on certain harmful bacteria in the body. A window on the rear of the carton shows the serving size required to bene­fit from the PACs.

"Ensuring that our new product formulations allow us to carry our PACs message across the range is key," said business development and brand manager Jonathan Duffin.