Ocean Spray has warned of higher cranberry prices on the back of a shorter harvest in the US.

The cranberry harvest - just weeks off - is forecast to return to 10 million barrels after last year's 11 million barrels.

Soaring demand has also made product scarce - volume sales rose 10% in the US alone last year.

The US cranberry grower and juice brand said supplies of raw material would be tight "for the foreseeable future".

The price of cranberry products for manufacturers is already rising - up 25% to £25.75 per gallon of concentrate.

But that did not mean shoppers would automatically pay more at the checkout, said Jamie Robinson, commercial director of Ocean Spray International Services UK.

"We'll have to look at what happens with retail prices," said Robinson.

"Current contracts will be honoured, but there's no raw material spare for new demand."