How many kids eat three and a half bowlfuls of cereal plus three slices of toast layered with ten pats of butter and drenched in seven tablespoons of honey?

real meal

A slice of toast with a knob of butter and a drizzle of honey and a 30g bowl of cereal is more than enough for breakfast

ofcom lunch cheese and Marmite sandwich

A prize for any child who can chomp his way through a sandwich made with 12.5 double servings of Marmite and six Babybel cheeses.

real meal

A true kid's sarnie has only 15g of cheese and around 4g of Marmite

ofcom dinner fish fingers and chips with ketchup

Using 100g of fish fingers and oven chips Ofcom gives them the thumbs up. But Ofcom's rules presume that kids will eat 12 sachets of ketchup, so that is banned

real meal

A 10-15g squirt of ketchup is more than enough to accompany four fish fingers and a normal 135-160g serving of chips.