InBev is looking to the off-trade to raise the profile of its 4% abv lager Beck's Vier this year.

The brewer said it hoped to boost awareness of the brand by encouraging impulse purchasing and has teamed up with a number of multiples as well as designing new outer packaging for Beck's and Beck's Vier to increase shelf standout.

"We want to ensure as many people as possible are made aware of the brand and given a strong incentive to purchase it," said Steve McAllister, MD take home retail. "Beck's and Beck's Vier are more popular with consumers, are profitable and will help retailers build their beer business."

The off-trade strategy includes gondola end and plinth promotions as well as aisle stacks to boost awareness; shelf barkers, banners, poster and other PoS material; in-store competitions, and ads in retailer magazines. The brewer will also run a nationwide sampling campaign to encourage trial of the lager.

The packaging has been designed to emphasise the brand's premium positioning and the fact Beck's and Beck's Vier are brewed to a traditional recipe that conforms to the German purity laws, says McAllister.

"The outer packaging we've created makes a hero of the Beck's bottles rather than just focusing on the bottle label ," he said.

Two packaging formats, the 4 x 500ml can and 12 x 440ml can packs, are also being dropped as part of the off-trade push "to reflect consumer demand".