Sir; in your advertising supplement The Grocer Guide to Snacks (Sept 23), I was heartened that nuts are being increasingly perceived as a wholesome option. But I must draw attention to your incorrectly accrediting to Red Mill Snack Foods the "trailblazing work in regard to producing a range of organic peanuts and cashews as well as launching its Solo low-sodium sea salted peanuts". This sterling work has of course been undertaken by my company ­ Percy Dalton's Famous Peanut Company. The most recent testimony to the success of our Solo low sodium sea salted peanuts product is its selection for inclusion in the Sial 2000 innovations catalogue. Other successful "natural" products in our portfolio include Monkies Roasted Peanut in Shell. David Cross Sales & marketing director Percy Dalton's Famous Peanut Company {{LETTERS }}