Mary Carmichael Spam, Monty Python's favourite canned meat, gets its first flavour variation this week, with the launch of Hot & Spicy. The new recipe ­ traditional chopped pork and ham flavoured with a generous dash of Tabasco brand pepper sauce ­ shows the brand is catching up with the trend for spicy food. It is the latest in a long line of rejuvenation activities for the wartime veteran. Its only other line extension was Spam Lite, launched in the 1990s, although it has also appeared on a pizza, featured in a dedicated recipe book and sported different shaped cans. Manufacturer Tulip International says new Hot & Spicy is designed to boost the brand's appeal among younger people. Labels on the new cans carry a recipe for Spam Hot & Spicy Fried Rice to encourage different uses. Brand manager Helen Lynn said, "We want to ensure that Spam evolves alongside ever-changing eating habits, increasing the brand's penetration beyond its existing consumer base." The company also hopes the move will help stem the trend of consumers shunning canned foods in favour of chilled products. Lynn said she expected to see incremental sales from the canned cold meats sector. Rsp: £1.59, 340g. {{P&P }}