Olive oil, long prized as the basis of the healthy Mediterranean diet, has found its way to the jams fixture in a new range from French producer Castelas.

The Provence-based company specialises in growing olives and producing olive oils but is exploring using its produce in other areas, including preserves.

A quartet of upmarket flavours - orange, fig, strawberry with mint and apricot with nougat - were launched last month at the Sial Food Show in Paris. Each contains 25% olive oil, with a corresponding reduction in sugar compared with most standard jams.

They are positioned as a way to eat a healthy portion of olive oil in the morning as a spread, although owner and olive oil master Jean-Benoit Hugues said they could also be used as a baste or marinade, or as an accompaniment to cheese.

"The idea started from the belief that you should eat a spoon of olive oil in the morning," he said. "Local chefs use it in recipes but preserves bring it to a wider market."