Organic milk contains significantly more Omega-3 fatty acids than conventional milk, say researchers at the University of Aberdeen.

Early results of their research suggest organic milk can contain up to 71% more Omega-3 than non-organic milk.

The University of Aberdeen’s Jamie Robertson said: “This is due to the higher proportion of clover forage in the diets of organic cows.”

Sally Bagenal, chief executive of dairy farming co-operative OMSCo, said she was concerned that people did not appreciate the health benefits of drinking organic milk.

She added: “This research confirms the potential health benefits of switching to organic milk and cheese - particularly for those groups who don’t consume the recommended amount of oily fish.”

Drinking just half a pint a day of organic milk could provide 10% of a person’s recommended intake of Omega-3, said OMSCo. A matchbox-sized piece of organic cheese would provide up to 88%. Omega-3 is associated with benefits for a healthy heart.