Dry mouths and doggy biscuits... matey act of creation gives coffee a makeover... beer, flamenco dancing and passion beyond reason... stimulating ways with a bright blue cuckoo suit...

Budget: part of a £2.2m spend 
Manufacturer: Masterfoods

Aquadrops confectionery is returning to the small screen as part of a £2.2m multimedia and sampling campaign aimed at pushing the brand as a solution to a dry mouth. TV ads showing a boss taunting envelope-licking workers kicks off on April 2.

Budget :part of a £2.2m spend 
Manufacturer: Nestlé

Coffee-Mate has turned the spotlight on its Latte Creations range in a new TV ad for the coffee creamer. The commercial caricatures popular TV shows by giving a cup of coffee a makeover with the addition of Latte Creations.

Budget: part of a £10m spend 
Manufacturer: Scottish & Newcastle UK

Scottish & Newcastle is bringing its Spanish lager brand San Miguel to the small screen for the first time. Hitting screens in April, the commercial continues the brand's 'Passion Beyond Reason' advertisements and features a Flamenco competition.

Budget: £2.5m 
Manufacturer: AG Barr

Irn-Bru is back on the small screen to support its 32 energy drink. Running now, the TV advert shows a man dressed in a bright blue cuckoo suit and forms part of a pure mental stimulation theme backing the newcomer to the 100-year-old brand.



San Miguel