Ocean spray is awash with goodness...highland spring draws on organic nature...forks out at the gym with batchelors supernoodles... billy is having a bit of a pants day... 

Ocean Spray
Budget: part of a £2m spend. Manufacturer: Ocean Spray
Using the strapline 'Awash with Goodness', the new national press campaign for Ocean Spray forms part of a £2m investment in the brand this year. Running now, the ads can be found in a selection of women's titles and supplements.

Highland Spring
Budget: part of a £11m spend. Manufacturer: Highland Spring
On air now, new television advertising for Highland Spring promotes the brand's organic credentials. Called The Journey, the commercial captures the journey of the water from rain cloud to the bottle.

Batchelors Supernoodles
Budget: undisclosed. Manufacturer: Batchelors
Building on last year's Noodleheads campaign, new TV advertising for Batchelors SuperNoodles features the Noodlehead characters on forks, taking part in various keep fit scenarios. The end line asks 'Are you a super trim Noodlehead?

Budget: part of a 4m spend. Manufacturer: Vimto Soft Drinks
Vimto Soft Drinks returns to the small screen next week with a TV ad campaign that continues the brand's Shlurple the Purple theme. The commercial features schoolboy Billy making light of an embarrassing situation.