Walkers are back with a healthier image… Tetley shows commitment… Mattessons goes wacky… jameson challenges perceptions…

Budget: Undisclosed 
Manufacturer: Walkers 

TV commercials to back the relaunch of Walkers crisps feature Gary Lineker showing that a packet of Walkers contains less saturated fat than half a chocolate digestive biscuit – and the same amount of salt as a slice of bread.

Jonathan butt head of global sourcing thresher group
The double fermentation process of this premium offering certainly seems to have added a degree of finesse and smoothness, the result being a heavenly drink that delivers in every way.
The packaging is premium – the 750ml bottle arrives cocooned in a black sarcophagus. The brown bottle, emblazoned in gold with Champagne-type closure, promises much.
A gorgeous, honeyed hop nose entices you in and, in the mouth, the beer is seductive and memorable. The 8% alcohol is cleverly and dangerously hidden by its smooth delivery and subtle sweetness.
Score: 22/25

Budget: £5m 
Manufacturer: Tetley 

Tetley ale is back on the small screen with a £5m TV advertising campaign. The two commercials – Fancy Dress and Catwalk – reflect the message that the ale goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure drinkers enjoy its combination of smoothness and flavour.


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