>>keeping it simple with ski… Stella artois still ‘reassuringly expensive’… Italian pizza, made in ireland… Gordon’s ‘colourful gin’

Budget £5m Manufacturer Nestlé
Nestlé is supporting the relaunch of its Ski yoghurt with a £5m ‘keep it simple’ multimedia campaign aimed at highlighting the product’s ‘clean ingredients’. The push includes TV advertising, consumer press and outdoor sheet activity.
Budget part of a £40m spend Manufacturer InBev
Stella Artois is reinforcing its ‘reassuringly expensive’ message in two new TV ads. On air now, one of the commercials - Ice-Skating Priests - aims to show the lengths to which people will go for a Stella Artois and underlines its Continental heritage.
Budget part of a £2.5m spend Manufacturer Green Isle
Aimed at highlighting where Goodfella’s is actually made, new TV advertising for the frozen pizza brand carries the strapline ‘Created in Tuscany, made in Ireland’, and supports the La Bottega premium range.
Budget undisclosed Manufacturer Diageo
New print and poster advertising for Gordon’s Gin is aimed at highlighting the spirit’s unique ingredients. The ads portray Gordon’s, including Distiller’s Cut and Sloe Gin, as The Colourful Gin, with a recipe of botanical ingredients.
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