>>sweeter salads from florette… irn-bru lets granny out of the bag… chocolate bubbles from aero… martell lets it flow…

Budget £1m Manufacturer Florette
New TV advertising for Florette features Sweet Continental Salad, containing Lollo Rosso, Green Romaine and Butterhead lettuce, and specially tailored to UK consumers’ preference for sweeter-tasting salads.
Budget part of a £5m spend Manufacturer Barr Soft Drinks
Comic new TV advertising for Irn-Bru urges people to buy the soft drink, using the strapline, ‘Have you tried the phenomenal taste of Irn-Bru?’ One of the two ads features a granny popping out of a bag on an airport luggage carousel.
Budget part of a £6m spend Manufacturer Nestlé Rowntree
Aero is back on the small screen with an unusual TV commercial. The advert is an animation showing chocolately bubbles drifting around and then forming into the face of a woman who is enjoying the feeling of Aero melting in her mouth.
Budget part of a £2.1m spend Manufacturer Pernod Ricard
Pernod Ricard has turned the spotlight on Martell in a new press ad campaign based on the theme of ‘Let the Conversation Flow’. The print campaign reflects dinner party debates such as “North or south?” and “Villa or hotel?”