>>Müller captures the corners… Hovis targets ‘junk-eating’ machines… Veet eyes wax virgins… Ocean Spray brightens up water…

Müller Corner
Budget £4.5m
Manufacturer Müller

Running now, new TV advertising for Müller Corner features people of all ages and from all walks of life sitting in a corner enjoying their favourite flavour. The corners in the ad range from a street corner to an office corner to a windbreaker corner.

Hovis white bread
Budget part of a £10m spend
Manufacturer Hovis

Entitled Machine, the new TV ad campaign for Hovis white bread is based around the way kids are ‘junk-eating machines’ and, once they start going, there is no stopping their monotonous and relentless consumption of rubbish.

Veet ready to use cold wax strips
Budget part of a £10m spend
Manufacturer Veet

Veet has turned the spotlight on its Ready To Use Cold Wax Strips in a new TV ad campaign. Entitled Wax Virgins, the commercials are aimed at appealing to a young female audience who haven’t yet experienced the benefits of waxing.

Ocean Spray juice drinks
Budget part of a £2m spend
Manufacturer Princes Soft Drinks

New consumer press advertising for Ocean Spray juice drinks is based around the strap line ‘From dull to delicious’. Aimed at women aged between 25 and 45, the ads will appear in key women’s press including Heat, OK, Red, Zest and Cosmopolitan.