>>what weetabix is made of… castlemaine XXXX in the aussie outback… anadin’s juggling mum… hanging out with peanut M&M’s…

Budget part of a £10m spend
Manufacturer Weetabix

New TV advertising for Weetabix called What Are You Made Of? features a scarecrow which has lost its ability to scare off birds and has been cast into the ditch. A farmer comes to its rescue and puts it in a field of golden wheat, reviving its scare factor.

Castlemaine XXXX
Budget part of a £9m spend
Manufacturer Interbrew

Running now, new advertising for Castlemaine XXXX takes a humourous look at the Australian outback male’s laconic view of the world, where emotion only appears over the fear of losing their XXXX factor.

Budget part of a £8m spend
Manufacturer Wyeth Consumer Healthcare

‘Juggling’ is the name of a new TV ad campaign for Anadin that takes the viewer inside a mum’s busy world, capturing her literally juggling everyday life. With the onset of pain ,she takes an Anadin, which helps her continue to juggle effortlessly.

Peanut M&M’s
Budget £3.3m
Manufacturer Masterfoods

Masterfoods has turned the spotlight on its Peanut M&M’s in a new TV campaign targeted at 16 to 34-year-olds. The advertising shows young people hanging out together and features the cheeky animated M&M’s characters.